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In Celebration of Psalm Nineteen:
God's handiwork in Creation

"I think Thy thoughts after Thee, O God!" - Johannes Kepler (1571-1630)


Accuracy of Positional Measurements recorded in Star Catalogs
Ancient Cosmologies
Angstrom -- Discovery of light spectrum (1853)
Anton van Leeuwenhoek
Ariel Skit: Creation of the Universe
Astronomy Software
Auguste Comte Quotation
Babylonian and Sumerian (Akkadian) Zodiac
Basic Physics: A Language Group of the Silent Speech
Big Bang; Planck Time
Binary Interactions in Physics
Chemical Properties Necessary for Life to Exist
Clumpy Energy
Common Example of Symmetry Breaking
Cosmic Background Map (WMAP, February, 2010)
Cosmic Background Radiation
Cosmic Timeline
Cracking the Genetic Code (1966)
Creation Days as God's Workdays
Creation Narrative -- Introduction
Creation Narrative Overview: The First Fifteen Minutes
Creation of the Elements
Creation of the Primordial Elements
Crucifixion of Jesus
Date of Jesus' Crucifixion
Dead Ends for Matter
Dimitri Mendeleev's Periodic Table 1869
Eclipses (Lunar and Solar)
Edwin Hubble
Egyptian sky goddess Nut
Emmy Noether: Symmetry Breaking in Physics; Noether's Theorem
Endgame for Stars
Extent of the Universe
Finely Tuned Physical Properties Essential for the Universe to Exist
Formation of the Heavier Elements in Supernovas
Formation of the Primordial Elements
Fred Hoyle
Friedrich Wöhler Nature of Organic Compounds (urea)
God's self-imposed limitations in creation
Gravitational Collapse
Gravitational Lensing: Minimum Distance to a Quasar
Great Debate
Heber Curtis
Helium Burning and Carbon Formation
Hertzsprung-Russell (H-R) diagram
Hipparchus (190-120 BC)
Homogeneity of the Universe
How Galaxies and Stars Form
How Scientists Came to Accept the Big Bang
Hubble's Law
Hydrogen Burning
Importance of the Quantum
John Dalton's Atomic Theory (1805)
Lascaus Cave Paintings -- Orion, Pleiades and Taurus Constellations
Lascaus Cave Paintings -- Taurus Constellation (Bull#18)
Lawrence Henderson on the Fitness of C, H, and O for Life
Lifecycle of Sun-like Stars
Louis De Broglie Electron Waves (1923)
Meteorite Ages
Moon and Earth Shadow During an Eclipse
Necessary Size and Age of the Universe
Nicholas Copernicus (1473-1543); The Copernican System
Nucleosynthesis in Stars - summary
Olbers Paradox
Origin of Constellations and the Zodiac
Orion Nebula
Pathologies and Logical Inconsistencies of Classical Physics
Physics of Stars
Platonic Year
Positional Measurement Accuracy in Star Catalogs
Precession of the Equinoxes
Processes involved in Stellar Nucleosynthesis from BBFH
Properties Required to get a Universe of the Necessary Size and Age
proton-proton reaction
Psalm 19:1-4 -- Exegetical Remarks
Ptolemy Star catalogs; the Almagest
Quantum Tunnelling
Quarks and the Quark Epoch
Remarks On Evolution
Separation of the Four Forces
Solar Heating: How Did the Earth's Temperature Stay Steady?
Solar System
Spectrum of Hydrogen
St. Augustine on the Creation Days
Stable Elements: Most stable/most abundant Isotope
Star and Galaxy Formation
Summary: The Silent Speech in Astronomy
Symmetry and Relativity
Symmetry Breaking and formation of matter
Symmetry in Physics
Symmetry in the Universe: A Summary
Timescale for the Creation of the Elements in Stars
Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler
Type II Supernova Physics
What the Silent Speech Tells Us
William Smith "Father of British Geology" (1799)

Link to Scripture

Anchor: Connection to the Creation Account in Genesis One
Anchor: The Creation of Darkness, Genesis 1:4b
Anchor: The Creation of Light, Genesis 1:3
Anchor: The Creation of Space and Time, Genesis 1:1
Anchor: The Second Day: Gen 1:6-8

Sharp Point


Sharp Point: Cosmic Inflation
Sharp Point: Critical Density of the early Universe
Sharp Point: Fred Hoyle on the Laws of Nuclear Physics
Sharp Point: Importance of the Mysterious Neutrinos
Sharp Point: Nuclear Resonance in Oxygen
Sharp Point: The "Impossible" Triple Alpha Process
Sharp Point: The Missing Runaway Creation

Silent Speech


Silent Speech -- General Comments
Silent Speech -- Speech from the Heavens
Silent Speech -- Starlight
Silent Speech: Direct Measurement of Astronomical Distances
Silent Speech: Element Formation and Element Abundance
Silent Speech: Origin of the Solar System and Earth
Silent Speech: Spectral Analysis and Stellar Processes
Silent Speech: Speech from the Heavens
Silent Speech: The "Goldilocks" Universe
Silent Speech: The Science of Cosmology and Beginnings
Silent Speedh -- Astronomy

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Last update 05 May 2010 Topical Index through Chapter 3 (Creation of the Solar System and Earth)
New Material:
      Comments on Psalm 19:1-4
      Astronomy as a Prototype of God's Silent Speech

      Introduction to the Creation Narrative

      Physical and Chemical Prerequisites for Life
      Creation of the Universe: The First Fifteen Minutes
      Creation of Elements in the Stars
     Creation of the Cosmos, the Solar System and the Earth